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an iMessage App

Writing your own reminders is part of everyday life on a smartphone. But sometimes it's good to be reminded of something by someone!


If you as a supervisor would like to assign a task to an employee, then 'Reminder4U' is just right for this, because the recipient can take over the task directly into his reminders. If he wants to execute the task at a different time, he can change the reminder date and send you a 'Reply' with the changed date and possibly changed note back.

You ordered a table at the restaurant for yourself and your wife. Send her a reminder and she won't forget the appointment.

You are a secretary and have arranged a meeting for your boss. He will be remembered if you send him a reminder. If he needs additional information for the meeting, you can write a note, which will be readable later in the reminder app, also.

You know your wife's shopping today. You're already at the office, and now it's come to your mind that you need two more bottles of wine for tonight's skat night with your friends. With 'Reminder4U' you have a better chance of getting the wine.

Do everything directly in iMessage


Write or use a pre-defined Reminder Message with an optional note

Tap on the yellow area to read the reply


Tap on the blue bordered pin button: The received reminder data will be added to your reminders and you will hear this sound:

Tap on the yellow area: A dialog for further editing  opens

Sender and Recipient:

Tap on the info button: Possible notes are displayed

With Reminder4U you can send someone a reminder message or a task that the recipient can add with one tap to his reminders


  • Edit and send a reminder or task with optional note directly in iMessage
  • The recipient can change the given reminder date and note
  • The recipient can immediately add the reminder data to his reminders
  • The recipient can send a confirmation back to the sender
  • Save and retrieve pre-defined reminder texts
  • Pre-defined reminder texts are automatically synchronized between your devices via iCloud

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